About Coonhounds


Coonhounds are high-energy dogs that need daily exercise in order to stay mentally active and physically fit.  Conventional shelters have difficulty dedicating the time or staffing it takes to properly facilitate healthy and happy coonhounds.


Coonhounds make great pets because they are calm, gentle, and playful with families and other dogs.  Coonhounds range in weight from 45 pounds to 80 pounds.  Coonhounds come in a variety of types including, redbone, black and tan, blue-tick, treeing walker, red-tick, and the plott hound.  Because most coonhounds were bred to be hunting dogs, they have a strong prey drive and must always be in a contained area,  or walked on a leash.  With dedicated training, coonhounds can master many commends and be taught off-leash limits. They need daily exercise and can play for hours, but once they have had it, they can relax for hours.







Hours of Operation

Due to the nature of our rescue, all visits are done by appointment only.  Please email, use the contact form or Facebook message to set up an appointment if you are interested in adopting a hound or interested in ways to volunteer. 

 Coonhounds are affectionate and love being with their people.  Enthusiastic and  eager to please. Coonhounds can be sensitive and will break your heart with the pitiful hound dog stare.