Rehoming your dog

Our focus are coonhounds from local shelters and area municipalities that are at risk for death, as well as some private homes with difficult and excruciating circumstances.  Every situation is accessed to what we can do and will be best for the dog.  
We do not have a shelter facility.  Our dogs are located in foster homes throughout the area.
We do have a very limited number of foster homes that may be able to care for dogs with special needs (no children, no small animals, no men, no other dogs...)  We will gladly post and share dogs from private homes in need on all social medias.
A great resource for rehoming your dog is a service called fetcha

  fetcha is committed to helping families rehome their pets as safe as possible. You can count on them to be professional, understanding and make sure to answer questions every step of the way, especially during such a difficult time.

As pet owners ourselves, fetcha understands its not an easy decision.

Who do they go to? How do you keep them from ending up in the wrong hands? How do we keep them out of the shelter? For these exact reasons this is why fetcha offers a rehoming service.


fetcha will NOT take your animal in their care but instead they will help you find a new family for them. They post your pet on their website, accept applications, and forward those applications to you. You are responsible for contacting the new family. However we they are there to offer guidance and assistance during this time.


 *Their applications are of a "Rescue standard"

        Rehoming services:

  • Website exposure

  • Networking

  • Application services

We will gladly post and share dogs in need from private homes on all social medias.