Volunteers are what make our world go round.  We need foster homes most importantly.  We often do fund raising events that we need help with.  Setting up, sharing information, caring for a furry friend during the event, and packing it up.  Often we need drivers to transport to and from places.  Please contact us for ways you can help. 


Thank you for your interest in fostering a coonhound that needs a place temporarily.  All dogs under our care are financially supported by our rescue.  Food, treats, bedding, crates, and other items are provided.  All you do provide a safe, secure and loving environment.  If the dog has known issues that may need work...learning basic commands, tricks, walking on a leash, things like that, we would ask you to help alongside daily care. 
We do not have a shelter facility, so our Volunteer Foster Families are EXTREMELY VALUABLE to our rescue operation. The number of animals we can rescue is limited some by the number of our available volunteer foster homes. This is where you come in. The greater the number of volunteer foster homes we have, the greater the number of homeless coonhounds we can rescue
Please fill out and return interest to foster form.

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